Senior Options Seminar (SOS)

Coming Saturday, November 5, 2022 at BLC.

     As we get older we have a number of changes that we must consider.  For example, one of them is death.  We know it is inevitable and yet we often are not prepared for it with its multiple facets.  Some options that Seniors have to deal with are related to health or the lack thereof, finances, living arrangements, care giving, etc. 
     Consequently we are planning on an event at BLC from 8:30-2:30 pm November 5th with multiple speakers and exhibitors that will be resources for the broader Benicia Vallejo area.  We anticipate 80-100 attending.  It is free to all attendees—including door prizes, lunch, refreshments
     Our interest in doing it grew out of comments made by some of our GriefShare participants who said there was a need for such a multifaceted seminar dealing with various senior issues at one place on one day.
More about GriefShare on the GriefShare page.
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Youth Community Event


What does it mean to be a disciple of Christ?

This is the question that must arise when looking at anything and everything the Church does, including the youth group. That is because everything we have is a gift from God, and our only response is to follow Jesus Christ, i.e. to be a disciple of Christ.

Being a disciple of Christ is certain for the Christian youth; what that looks like is something that is determined by God’s Word in the context of people’s personal lives and communities. There are some things that go without saying: worship, studying the Word, prayer, having fun, helping others, and telling others about Christ.

The specifics of how we accomplish all of this we will discover together over the course of time.

Youth Ministry activities are led by the Youth Minister,
Brad Miller -, (707) 515-9216.
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Women’s Group (WINGS)

WINGS (Women IN Gods Service)

For WINGS questions, please contact
Liz Barriga - and
Sally Engebrethson -

Knit Night (Knitting for fellowship and charity)
We meet every other Monday evening at 7:00pm.  Contact Sally Engebrethson - with questions.