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About Benicia Lutheran
The mission of Benicia Lutheran Church is to make disciples of Jesus Christ and serve members of the congregation and surrounding community through worship, education, witnessing, fellowship, and service. We are a church family recreating ourselves with a focus on youth, discipleship, and community outreach.

Short History of Benicia Lutheran Church

Beginnings: On May 16, 1976 fourteen people gathered together at the home of Bill and Linda Ballowe to discuss the possibility of starting a church in Benicia. They had a vision of a Lutheran congregation in Benicia. So they rolled up their sleeves, united their efforts, and worked hard together in order to accomplish the task of starting a Lutheran congregation. Their vision was realized when Linda Bellowe, the lay delegate from Benicia Lutheran Church, signed the constitution of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod during the April 10-13, 1980 58th Convention of the California-Nevada-Hawaii District on behalf of Benicia Lutheran Church. The congregation then celebrated that event during its May 18, 1980 Charter Sunday Worship Service.
Pastors: In May of 1977, Christ Lutheran Church in Martinez graciously allowed their pastor, Rev. Russell Howen, to lead and nurture the members of Benicia Lutheran Church. In January 1981, Pastor Richard C. Glock accepted the call to be pastor of Benicia Lutheran Church. After Pastor Glock retired over a decade later, Pastor Charles Simonson accepted the call to be Pastor of Benicia Lutheran Church in April of 1994, staying for a few years before accepting another call. After a two-year vacancy, Pastor Gary Bell was called to be pastor of Benicia Lutheran Church; he was installed on May 16, 1999. In February of 2009, Pastor Jason Moreno was called as Associate Pastor in charge of youth and evangelism. In August of 2010, Pastor Moreno became head pastor. Pastor Bell retired from Benicia Lutheran Church in November of 2010. In March of 2011, Pastor Moreno resigned as pastor. Benicia Lutheran then began the interim ministry process in May of 2011 to reevaluate itself and its ministry before looking for a new pastor. Pastor David Rose was our Interim Pastor during this transition period and performed his final Worship Service on Sunday, August 4th, 2013.
We are very excited to introduce Pastor David Floyd who grew up in southern California, and went all through school in the little town of San Marcos. His dad, being a professional surfer, taught David to surf which he still enjoys today among other interests such as sailing, playing guitar, weight training, and spending time with his wife Laura, his son, Carey, daughter, Christa, and his two grandchildren, Juliahnna and Jayden.
David graduated from Concordia University Irvine with a Bachelors degree in Religion and Psychology, and went to Concordia Theological Seminary in Ft. Wayne, Indiana, where he graduated with his MDiv. Pastor Dave is currently working on his dissertation for his Doctorate in Missiology.
His first Call was to Bethlehem Lutheran Church and School in Carson City, NV, where he planted a mission church, River of Life, in Dayton, NV. Pastor Dave served at Zion Lutheran Church in San Luis Obispo as Associate Pastor for missions and outreach from 2000-2002, and prior to coming to Benicia, Pastor Dave served at St. Marks Lutheran Church in Ferndale, CA from 2002-2013.
Pastor Dave’s wife, Laura, is an interior designer who enjoys gardening, vintage things and her children and grandchildren.
All are welcome to come and Worship with us each Sunday.

About Our Pastor
Benicia Lutheran Church GREAT NEWS . . . Introducing Rev. Dr. David A. Floyd and his lovely wife Laura. Pastor Dave moved to Benicia from Ferndale, California, and has been our Pastor for the past 4 years.

We are very excited to have them here at Benicia Lutheran Church.