Welcome to Benicia Lutheran
Benicia Lutheran Church

Welcome to Benicia Lutheran Church! We are tucked away near the Safeway in Downtown Benicia, at West 2nd Street and Raymond Dr. We are a church family recreating ourselves with a focus on youth, discipleship, and community outreach. With an interesting mixture of blue collar workers and professionals, old and young, we are seeking to find God’s direction for us within our lives and within this community.

Who We Are

The mission of Benicia Lutheran Church is to make disciples of Jesus Christ and serve members of the congregation and surrounding community through worship, education, witnessing, fellowship, and service.

Our community is close-knit, and the same is true within our faith family; but we are always hoping to welcome new people into this family. Christ is continually bringing new and exciting opportunities into our path, so we are responding to His grace with continual self-examination in light of that grace. Right now, we are reflecting upon our lives of faith up to this point, and we hope to move forward in prayer and submission to God’s will.

What We Believe

We believe that God works to reach us, give us life, and change us. We are stuck in the chains of this world, pursuing that which is pointless, even that which is evil. But He has broken those chains by dying on the cross, and then has given us a new hope and purpose by resurrecting into new life. He is present within our lives in beautiful and mysterious ways, foremost of which are the preaching of His Word, the baptizing of people into new life, and the communion meal of the Church. We have God’s presence through His Holy Spirit, not only now, but also into eternity. And this is the hope we wish to share with everyone whom God places in our lives.

We welcome you to contact us at (707) 746-0201 or by E-Mail:


Please join us for our 9:30am Worship Service each Sunday. Bible Study begins at 8:30am. All are welcome!!